Elise is a leasing assistant for multifamily residences

Elise instantly engages all of your leads and assists them at every step of the leasing process to maximize closings.

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Elise is your leasing assistant

Elise tracks all of your leads for you and instantly responds to new inquiries, schedules viewings, and consistently follows up with each and every prospect to make sure no lead is lost. Elise increases responsiveness to potential renters and increases your team's efficiency. It's like hiring another person for your team who never takes a day off.

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Elise engages every lead immediately

Elise responds immediately to all prospective tenants to quickly engage and nurture these leads for increased lead conversion. No leads will sit in an inbox unresponded to - Elise answers their questions, collects qualifying information, and schedules viewings to speed up the leasing process for you.

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Elise works after business hours too

Elise works full-time for you and doesn't take sick days or vacation. Elise responds to prospective tenants after working hours and weekends to help grow your business, even when you are resting. Elise boosts your leasing team's productivity, helping to save time and deliver on excellent customer service.

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Real-time analytics

Elise automatically collects important information from each every prospective tenant so that you get access to real-time data and analytics on your portfolio. You can check leads, foot traffic, conversions and availabilities and make changes from your phone.

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Fast Response Time

Elise immediately responds to all leads who show interest in renting to provide the best customer service and save you time.

Consistent Follow Up

Elise consistently follows up with all prospective tenants for you so that no quality lead slips through the cracks.

Full Transparency

You can view all conversations and lead statuses any time and get daily updates on new interested renters.

Schedules Viewings

Elise qualifies prospective tenants and schedules viewings with all leads for you based on your availability.


Elise collects all application documents from prospective tenants and submits completed applications to you for final review.

Real-Time Analytics

Elise collects data about your entire leasing process in real time to help you make effective decisions about your business.

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