About ME

MeetElise is a rapidly growing tech company based in New York City dedicated to modernizing apartment leasing and operations by using artificial intelligence to create an automated and self-service experience.

In 2017, founders Minna Song (MIT) and Tony Stoyanov (University of Cambridge) decided to use their experience in software engineering and machine learning to address the many operational challenges of housing, one of humanity’s most fundamental needs.

After successfully launching the first version of their AI leasing assistant platform with two of the largest owners of multifamily apartments in the US, the company has experienced unprecedented growth and is widely accepted as the industry leader in artificial intelligence.


Access to housing that is affordable isn’t just a problem - it’s a global crisis. An estimated seven million reasonably-priced and available rental homes are needed in just the US alone, and no amount of government spending or policy have proven to be effective solutions.

We’re using machine learning to address the underlying cause preventing significant advancements in rental housing: operational costs. By automating the leasing and management of apartment homes, we’re creating a new, low-cost operating model that allows for the development of new housing at scale.

Our team is building the future we want to live in. A future where housing is economical, powered by technology, and accessible to all.

Core Values

Be great and good

Building great products that change an industry is not meant to be easy - it requires hard work, admitting to weaknesses, striving to get better each day, and collaboration. Our whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Keep learning

We accept that our assumptions are wrong most of the time - we rely on experimenting, failing, learning, and adjusting our hypothesis.

Create value, not optics

Value is solving real problems in a practical way to advance the industry. Optics is making yourself look good in front of others. We focus our efforts on doing the right thing that creates the most value for our customers.

Embrace constant change

We embrace the discomfort of change because if we stand still, innovation stops.