A.I. leasing software for multi-family

Unleash the power of A.I. at every point in your prospective renter’s journey. MeetElise is a virtual leasing assistant who helps answer every prospective renter’s inquiries within minutes 24/7.

With MeetElise, your A.I. Leasing Assistant will:

Answer emails, calls, and texts immediately

Your community will be the first community to answer questions and schedule a tour, 24 hours a day.

Always follows up

18% of tours are scheduled from a follow up. Human leasing agents don't always have the chance to make timely follow-ups. Your A.I. Leasing Assistant never misses a follow up.

Always follows best practices

No more frustration of not knowing a lead status is because a human didn't get a chance to update the guest card. Your A.I. leasing assistant knows the status of every lead in your pipeline and automatically stores all the info your leads share.


Add on texting capabilities to our powerful core platform. Prospects can converse via text instead of email with the same round-the-clock response time.

Convert 15% more leads to tours by not missing out our prospective renters who prefer to text over email.

Virtual and Self-Guided Tours

Avoid fumbling your virtual tours with third party video providers with our Virtual Tour add-on. Seamlessly and securely integrate Virtual Tour offerings inside text and email conversations. No manual intervention from a leasing agent. Simply hop into your browser at the scheduled time.

Experience powered by Whereby.

Seamlessly sync between leading Property Management Softwares and CRMs

Get started quickly with the same software that you currently use. Our A.I. Leasing Assistant works out of the same environment that your Human Leasing Assistants do, and can see calendars, scheduling, pricing and availability directly from your CRM, PMS, or MITs feed.


Get daily and weekly reporting to gain insight into every aspect of your lead to tour with custom reporting.  Built for Enterprise, our reporting product can be customized to filter by the metrics that matter to your organization. 


I very much appreciate your customer service, particularly at 2:00 am DC time.

Genna M.

Renter in CA

You were one of our best reps and I really appreciated your quick follow up and helpful information.

George P.

Renter in Chicago

On another note-- do you work 24/7? Your response time is amazing!

Rod H.

Renter in D.C.

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