A.I. for multi-family

Elise is an A.I. leasing solution built for multi-family property management companies. 

Our software works across your all of your existing lead channels to respond to every prospect 24/7/365.

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Trusted By top multi-family management companies 

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Multi-family management software

Better than a chatbot

Unlike a chatbot, which may handle a small portion of leads to a website, MeetElise can handle leads and prospects that come in through any channel: ILS, call center, or website. MeetElise is true Conversational A.I., not a decision tree, and can carry on conversations naturally in human language, via email or text.

65% better lead to lease

The average renter in America has to wait 11.8 hours for a response, and only 20% of their questions are answered fully. MeetElise makes sure that prospects are answered fully, 24/7 and followed up with. The results are conversions from lead to lease well above average.

Empower leasing agents

With MeetElise filling up your calendar with tours,  human leasing agents can get out of their inboxes and work on higher value tasks:  closing leases, giving in person tours, and focusing on making current residents happy.

Trusted by Top Multifamily Management Companies

Over 30% (and counting) of the nation's top 50 largest property management companies trust us with their renters' inquiries.

Renters love us

I very much appreciate your customer service, particularly at 2:00 am DC time.

Genna M.

Renter in CA

You were one of our best reps and I really appreciated your quick follow up and helpful information.

George P.

Renter in Chicago

On another note-- do you work 24/7? Your response time is amazing!

Rod H.

Renter in D.C.

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